Saddleback Aussie Doodles

Saddleback Mini Aussie Doodle 's  most common puppy questions and answers below

Saddleback Mini Aussie-Doodle Puppy Questions!


1.   Your new puppy comes with his first two shots and will be wormed multiple times.  This record will be included with your puppy along with application for registration.  You should take your puppy to the vet for a complete checkup within 48 hours of bringing him home.  Take your shot/worming record with you at this time. 


2.  Feeding your dog: We start your puppy on Kirkland Chicken and rice adult food.  You can find this at Costco but any good quality dog. Be very careful when choosing your puppies’ food.  Read the ingredients carefully.  The ingredients should always start with meat and should never contain “corn” or any form of “gulten”. Remember dogs are carnivores, not omnivores like us.  They need meat to be healthy.

a.   In the beginning you can feed three times a day:  Once in the morning when your puppy is up for the day.  I recommend putting more food then you think he/she will need in the bowl.  Give him/her fifteen minutes to eat as much as he/she likes then pick up the bowl.  You can put the bowl down again at noon and one last time about 4pm.  After that nothing until morning.  At these feeding times your puppy can eat as much as they like, with no snacking in between unless it is a hand given treat. 

b.  Your puppy should be switched to adult food by 3 months of age if you have chosen a puppy food.  Puppy food can cause accelerated growth of the joints.  Vets now understand dogs should have a slower growth in the first year of life.


3.    We recommend crate training your new puppy.  Don’t allow your puppy on a high bed until he is able to jump up and down on his own.  This can be stressful to a growing puppies joints.


4.   Mini Aussie-Doodles are easy to potty train.  We believe in positive reinforcement. In other words, ignore accidents and praise              accomplishments.   If you are constantly reprimanding mistakes then your puppy will run and hide when he hears your voice.  Never spank or hit a small puppy.   Also remember your puppy will almost always have to poop with in a half-hour of a meal and usually right after waking from a nap.   The first three days with your puppy are paramount to potty training.  You must watch your puppy 24/7 during this time.  If you are able to get the first 5 or 6 potties outside your puppy will get it. 


5.  Grooming; Doodles have hair, like a poodle or a human, not fur like most breeds of dogs.  The great thing about this hair is it is non-to low shedding and hypoallergenic.  The bad thing about “hair-breeds” is they have more grooming needs than fur breeds.  Aussie-Doodles will need regular brushing to keep their coats soft and mat free.  They will also need regular haircuts.  Some people like a short cut, so every 3 to 4 months, others like that “floppsy” look so every 6 months or so.  The longer the hair gets the more often it will need to be brushed.  Doodles coats are extra soft and great for cuddling.


6.    If you have any problems or questions we are always here to offer advise and support.  Email is the best way to contact us.  Please inform me right away if your dog develops any health or genetic problems.  As a breeder I only know what I know until I know more. In other words, your input is the only way I can be better informed on my breeding program and the bloodlines I am using.  Things to report immediately would be: food allergies, medications allergies, medication intolerance’s, hip dysplasia, undiagnosed lameness’, cataracts, (even in old age please report) seizures/epilepsy or any other health or temperament related issues.


7.   Your puppy comes with an application for registration with America’s Pet Registry (APRI). Your application is an important document.  You cannot register your new puppy without it.  Do not loose it!  There will be a $20 fee for new applications.  All puppies will come with limited registration. 


8.   We recommend having your new pet spayed or neutered.  Your vet will recommend the best age to do this normally around 6 months. Females normally come into their first heat around 8 months of age however some may come in around 6 months and can get pregnant at this age. Males can be fixed at the same age better to do this before he figures out what girls are all about, and learn to lift his leg and start to wander looking for girls. Unfixed males and females may.  Unaltered females will be in heat and bleed for THREE weeks twice a year!


9.    Things you may want to do or buy before your puppy comes home:

     a.   First, if you have a fenced yard, check it carefully at the fence line.  Mini Aussie-Doodles are between 3 and 6 lbs at 8 weeks old.         Pictures can be very deceiving.  I can’t tell you how many people say, “Oh, he/she is SO small, he looked much bigger in the              pictures”.  If you have other adult dogs or no yard you may want to get a “puppy play pen”. 

          This is a portable fence to keep your puppy where you want her to be.

    b.    A crate for nights and when you are not home.  Buy a crate for a full sized dog, not a puppy.  So you if your dog is estimated to be 15 lbs at maturity buy a crate for a 20 lb dog.  In the crate you will want a soft cushion that is washable, soft toys and chewy toys.

    c.   Food and water bowls: I like stainless steel as it they are easy to clean. 

    d.   Lots of toys: Soft toys that squeak, hard toys for teething.  Dental chews are great as well, puppies also like Duck and Chicken Strip treats.

    e.   Small collar or harness: If you are getting a toy puppy a harness is best.  Ask me a couple days before you are getting your                puppy to weigh him for you and that way you can get the right size, adjustable harnesses seem to work the best.

    f.   A couple cans of wet food: When your new puppy comes home he may be stressed and a little wet food will help his appetite if it is off. Kirkland offers a great canned dog food as well. 



10.   All Saddleback Mini Aussiedoodles come with a one year temperament guarantee.  Remember when you get your puppy home he/she is just a baby.  At first it will be a bit like having a real baby at home. 

        In the first two weeks they can take a lot of care and attention.  We ask that you give your puppy at least two weeks to settle in to your home and routine.  If we have to take your puppy back during this two week adjustment period no refund will be given. 99% of all issues will resolve themselves in this time.  


          11.  Remember puppies are like babies they teeth so all puppies CHEW, and they dig, they will find thinks to keep themselves entertained.  Make sure you have the time to commit to a puppy all puppies are cute but dogs live 10-15 years. 

                We strongly advise enrolling  your puppy in obedience classes.  This is a good way to bond with your puppy. 


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